The Artwork

Its been a few weeks since I showed something new and since I dont have any progress on any projects I thought I would show you guys and gals the base for everything I do. I have always loved to draw ever since I was a little kid. Throughout high school I took as many art classes as I possibly could, and in my sophomore year in high school I signed up for the Graphic Design program at The Art Institute of Phoenix. Everything I make now is either sketched out or blueprinted before anything is even started. So here is kind of a little show off of some things I have drawn or designed over the past few years. Enjoy!

So lets start with the drawings from high school.

Reproduced Korn album cover done in pencil

Pencil sketch of Jim Carrey from "Liar Liar"

Pencil sketch of Rob Zombie

Pencil self portrait

 Pencil sketch of Santa Spawn

Cobalt sketch of Spawn

Now we move on to college where more design elements were applied.

Perspective pencil sketch of a house

Pencil and Ink design

Ink stipple, hatch and cross hatch design

After college I started doing more freelance work for friends and family.

Parking signs designed for friends vehicles

Artwork done for a Ghost Busters calendar

Logo created for Wok-N-Stix restaurant

Arizona Pop Culture logo

Final version of the logo in color

Outside cover for the Arizona Ghostbusters brochure

Inside cover for the Arizona Ghostbusters brochure

Poster artwork for the Arizona Ghostbusters. Drawn by John Yurcaba and colored/designed by me

Blueprint for an upcoming project due by October 2011

Blueprint of an M76 gun for a prop replica


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