Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight's entertainment! Part 2

In molding the bust I decided to use Smooth On Rebound 25. This silicone can be brushed on in several coats to make a nice thick mold without wasting rubber.

Areas under the nose and behind the ears had a thicker silicone added to allow final piece to be removed from the mold easier. Also a seam line was formed on the back which is where the mold will be cut to removed the final cast.

The last step before the outer shell is made is to add some key locks to the mold so that it locks into the shell perfectly every time. In this picture they are the round domes on the forehead, back of head and neck.

First step in building the outer shell was to build a frame around the entire bust.

Next i mixed up a Body filler/fiberglass resin mix that I could spread over the silicone mold to create a hard shell that I could then cover in fiberglass.

Once everything has dried completely I then pulled it all apart, cut the seam and pulled the original out.

Next step is to bolt everything back up and add a layer of clay about 3/8" thick on the inside of the entire mold. This is done so you can pour a inner skull that will go inside the final piece so you dont have a solid thick silicone head.

Once the clay up was finished I poured in more expanding foam. Let it cure for an hour and then pulled it all apart again. Scrapped out all the clay and the bolted everything back together, sprayed mold release and poured the new silicone head. For this I used Smooth On Dragon Skin.

As soon as the Dragon Skin cured I pulled the mold all apart again, removed the expanding foam skull and then placed the new silicone head back in the mold without the expanding foam skull. Then I poured more expanding foam into the mold with a piece of PVC pipe that would act as the neck on the stand-up.

Once fully cured, this guy was finally done and ready for eyes, paint and hair.

Next blog will be the final chapter with paint and hair and the full body.


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