Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight's entertainment! Part 3

Now that I have a perfect pull I can go ahead and clean up any seams and trim out the eyes. Glass eyes will be added to the bust to give it a sense of realism.

Once the eyes are fitted, I popped them back out and moved on to the next step... painting. Now because this is silicone you cant just paint it with regular paints. Basically you have to paint it with pigmented thinned down silicone. For this I used Smooth On Silc Pig silicone pigments mixed with Smooth On Psycho Paint and then thinned down with toluene so I could run it through an airbrush.

Even though the Joker has make-up on I wanted to paint the natural skin tones just in case you could see it through the make-up. I did several layers of pinks, browns and yellows to achieve the final result.

Now before I paint on the make-up stages I wanted to test fit everything on the mannequin to make sure it had the stance and positioning that I wanted. The mannequin was all custom made so he could be posed like a scene out of the movie.

Now on to painting the make-up. Unfortunately I did not take pics of this process, but it was pretty much the same as doing the skin tones except that I did not use an airbrush. The make-up was all painted on by brush and different texture sponges.

Once all the paint was dry I inserted the eyes back in and then it was off to hair. The hair used was a synthetic blend that matched the texture of real hair. The hair was glued starting from the back up to about 2 inches from the part.

If the hair was glued too close to the part it would not have a realistic look to to it, so to finish it up it had to be all hand punched, hair by hair. This process took about 2 weeks to complete.

Now all that was left was to cut, style and color the hair, then assemble it all on the mannequin. This was all finished the night before it had to be delivered to convention center for Phoenix Comicon 2011. It was a huge hit and I cant wait to show off my next stand-up at Phoenix Comicon 2012.


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