And the eyes have it

This is just going to be a quick post on how I painted the eyes for my silicone Gizmo from Gremlins.

First I started by mounting a ping pong ball to a golf tee so it could be mounted to my drill so I could airbrush perfect circles.

The first layer of paint was black that was lightly airbrushed onto the ping pong ball.

Once the paint was fully dry the next step was to paint small thin lines. I started with a dark brown for the background color.

Once the background lines are finished I moved on to painting the foreground lines in a lighter brown followed by a light wash of dark brown around the edges. This was to give them more dimension.

The final step before clear coat is to put the eyes back into the drill and paint the centers black. This was done with a small paint brush and a steady hand.

Now once they are fully dried they were sprayed with a high gloss lacquer spray paint.

I let them dry over night, then it was time to test fit them into the head to make sure they look good :)


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