Green Goblin - Spider-man

Years back I received this fan sculpt of the Green Goblin helmet from Spider-man the movie. It was in pretty rough shape with broken teeth, cracking fiberglass, missing lenses and a ton of uneven areas. All was smoothed with automotive body filler and re-enforced with new fiberglass. New lenses were cut from iridescent plastic ornament balls and the teeth were molded and recast. Unfortunately I dont have any other pictures of the helmet other than the ones taken at different stages of paint. The final paint is a House of Kolor limetime green pearl with a purple/green flip clear coat and a super gloss on top.

This is the original color I painted it at first, but it looked to silver to me, even though in other light it was green. It also had a green/salmon flip clear on it as well.

This picture was to show the test fit on the eye.

These photo's of the helmet are the way it looks today. It changes color in every kind of light. I wish it had more purple in the flip paint, but you never know I may revisit this prop again.


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