Spider-man 1 Pumpkin Bomb

Back in 2006 I had this crazy idea that I wanted to build a replica of the Spider-man the movie pumpkin bomb that the Green Goblin uses. At the time I had no clue how I was going to build it. I first started with a glass ornament Christmas ball, and soon realized it is way too difficult to cut glass perfectly. So the alternative was to laser cut 1/16 acrylic pieces and heat bend them onto a glass ornament ball to give them the correct same. Once I had all the pieces I needed, I painted them with a 4 stage paint process and assembled it all on to a plastic ornament ball. I also laser cut a base/stand to make it look like spiderweb holding the pumpkin bomb up.

In 2011, for the Phoenix Comicon show I placed the pumpkin bomb into an old glass clock display case and lit it with green LEDs. Here is a picture walk through of how it all went down.



  1. Hey do you sell these as like a DIY case set?? Or can I buy one off of you because I have been trying to buy one but they're all like 60 and more dollars.

  2. At one time I used to sell these, not as a kit but as a finished piece. $60 is a deal for one of these. Pricing on mine back in the day was around $125. I no longer make these though.


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