Ghostbusters Slimer Maquette

This Slimer maquette came from one of Boss Film Studio molds for the Hot Wheels Ecto-1. This piece was to be included for display purposes with the Ecto-1 toy car but the idea was eventually scrapped. This miniature was originally sculpted for Ghostbusters 1 by monster maker Mark Siegel. Years later I came into possession of the mold in which I cast this spud in florescent green with glow in the dark powder to give him that extra spooky look. Matched with a stand that compliments him, you can believe this is a piece that I love having in my collection.

Here you can see an original article showing this exact piece in the bottom left corner.

The splatter for the base was molded in 3D and them printed on an SLA printer. After that a silicone mold was created and the piece was cast to match the slimer.


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