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A collection of props, artwork and more.

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Scary Movie Killer Mask

Mask sculpted in Blender. Mold shell modeled in Autodesk 123D Design. Both mask and mold shell printed on an FDM printer. Silicone mold produced inside shell around PLA printed mask and cast in a urethane rubber. Piece finished with fabric hood and eyes with painted mouth.

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Budget Signs 2016 Branding

In 2016 Budget Signs was looking to update their logo and overall branding of their business. Myself and one other person were tasked to create a new company logo. The new logo was then applied to various signage and company products like business cards and t-shirts.

budget signs-01-01.jpg
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Logo Design for
Boris's Emporium

Logo design for Boris's Emporium. This company focuses on selling new and vintage Halloween and spooky themed items. Logo is centered around Boris the cat, but was designed to have an elegant Victorian era look with a little bit of spooky added to it.

Boris emporium-01.jpg
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Secret of the Ooze Canister

The canister was replicated using measurements from a screen used prop. Everything was blueprinted in Adobe Illustrator and then 3D modeled in Autocad 123D Design. End caps and base were printed on an FDM printer and then smoothed and molded.

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Back to the Future 2 Hoverboard Replica

Hoverboard blueprinted in Adobe Illustrator from reference photos and measurements. Prop was made using 3D printed and machined parts. All 3D files were created in Autocad 123D Design.

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Logo Design for Blockhead Coding

These 2 characters were created for a community website for kids interested in learning coding. They were created in Adobe Illustrator with elements requested by the client.

blockhead coding-01.jpg
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The Haunted Mansion Gate Pillar Flyer Advertisement

This flyer was designed to showcase all the different elements that were incorporated into the this piece.

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Logo Design for Justice Comics

Logo design for Justice Comics located in Tempe Arizona. They specialize in vintage comics, so the client requested a vintage "Captain America" style shield.

justice comics-01-01.jpg

Digital Watercolor Ad

Watercolor image created in Adobe Photoshop. Final piece layout created in Adobe Indesign.

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GMC Flyer

Flyer designed using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign.

Ricks Truck.jpg
Portfolio: About
Portfolio: About

Arizona Ghostbusters Brochure

Brochure designed using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign.

Portfolio: About
Portfolio: About

Tollefson Auto LLC

Logo designed in Adobe Illustrator

Tollefson Auto-01.jpg
Portfolio: About
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